The Village of Pleasantville, NY partners with Mobile Smart City Corp to provide PangoMobile payments for parking – ParkNews

The Village of Pleasantville NY has entered into a partnership with Mobile Smart City Corp., to provide PangoMobile Payment for their parking operations.  “We are excited to bring the Village our customer friendly, easy-to-use safe app,” explained John J. Incandela President & CEO of Mobile Smart City. John continued, “Customers can now manage their parking experience via their mobile phone. The app will combine the ease of paying for parking with funding source choices of credit card, Pango Wallet, supported by PayPal, and Venmo. Pango also offers the flexibility to park up to four vehicles at once, anywhere Pango is accepted”.

Pango users can manage their own account with the app or they can go to the website , sign in and they can make changes, add or delete vehicles, review their parking history and more. The 24/7 Customer Care Call Center is also available for your calls at 1-877-697-2646, emails or live chat.

Pango provides Smart Cities and Enterprises with a suite of mobile Solutions and Services, including parking payment, enforcement, mobile ticketing, permits, transit payment, local advertising and more.

About Mobile Smart City.

Pango a division of Mobile Smart City Corp. a Fintech company providing mobile payment services for parking, transit, ride-hail and other city services. Its offerings include mobile payments, enforcement, permits, navigation, and smart routing. Mobile Smart City Pango offers real time enforcement and traffic analytics and is available in more than 60 cities worldwide. Invented in 1997, US Patent No. 5,940,481. With its Corporate Headquarters based in FT. Lauderdale, Florida, Mobile Smart City Pango has introduced first- of-its-kind technology in the United States; it has been in use since 2006.

For more information or contact Mark Tulloch or call 1-844-726-4644