Contactless / Tickectless Off-Street Parking Platform

Pango QR Solution

Pango Fast Pass LPR

Pango has unveiled a new ticketless parking payment system aimed at making life a little easier for the everyday parker.

Patrons can pay for their parking through their mobile phone at parking entrances of the facility. Opening the gate with their phone and the payment is processed automatically with the credit card on fi le in the App, instead of taking a parking ticket.

By installing a QR code reader on the barrier gate arm, a parker can scan the QR code to open the gate. 

The system will either take a fl at rate charge for the parking or start a parking session in the App. When the patron is ready to leave the facility, they need to approach the gate and scan their QR code from their

With Pango Fast Pass you can open gated off-street parking garages or lots using your mobile phone.

LPR Access is the latest generation of license plate recognition units designed to contribute to security and smart mobility in car parks.

A single device integrates all that is needed to provide the highest reliability worldwide. Moreover, the webbased configuration and the remote-control lens make the unit setup easier and more automatic than ever.

The concept Smart is shown at its best through the All in-One and state-of-the-art ANPR unit architecture and design.

pango & zeus 2

Using Pango’s Permit Solution a user will go to the PANGO website and create an account and then buy the permit based on their license plate. Once purchased they are good to go! Permits can be set up for 24/7 or limited to days and hours.

  • Adjust the zoom and the focus using the motorized lens.
  • Adjust the settings using the web-based configuration tool.
  • Replicate automatically the settings from one unit to the others.
  • Plug & Play connectors: no need to open the unit.
  • Embedded technology: everything is included in a single device.
  • Recognize countries from all over the world at the same time.
  • Optional color plate recognition to recognize license plates that require color detection or to obtain the number plate and the state of specific countries.
  • Built-in OCR engine proven in installations worldwide. Its highly technological dedicated hardware also contributes to the highest recognition rates on the market.