The new PANGO mobile payment application offers all the functionality that you are looking for. This allows parkers to pay for the parking session using easy and convenient mobile application or web application.

The users register only once, and then all they must do is click and pay. The whole transaction is completed in just seconds.

GEO FENCING: The app automatically detects spaces and zone numbers and prompts the driver to start a parking session. Then with only one touch the parking session can start.

PARK MULTIPLE VEHICLES: Users can now park up to 5 different vehicles at the same time from their account. Each parking session is tracked right from your app dashboard.

EXTEND YOUR PARKING: Now when you are on the go, you don’t have to worry about your meter. You can extend easily from the app. Parkers have several option’s when extending their parking session and can be notified by several different methods to include email, text or in the application.


Parking Availability

Works in two different ways. If we are integrated with the meters, we can provide actual space availability based on real-time occupancy.

Parking Validations

Our Parking Validations allows local merchants and other third party’s can easily offer parking validations through the PANGO application.

Mobile Ticket Pay

PANGO users can easily view and pay for any parking violations issued against their license plate.

In App Chat

Customer support is available through instant chat.

24 Hour Customer Service

Customer service is available through our 24 hour customer support center.

Better Control than ever before !

With the Pango platform you will have total OnDemand control of your parking system. You will have access to adjust rates, create time limits create new zones and parking spaces. This is also where you will go to pull transaction information and customer details.